N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod

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(Physical-Technical Research Institute of UNN (PTRI), Faculty of Physics, Nanotechnologies Research and Education Centre, Physics of Solid-State Nanostructures Research and Education Centre)



Metals, alloys, ceramic


Nanostructures, nanoelectronics and nanooptics



Besides, the following research projects are being carried out at PTRI,  Faculty of Physics, Physics of Solid-State Nanostructures Research and Education Centre:

- Nanoscale modelling of physical properties of nanostructured materials and processes using supercomputer technologies:

Leading experts:
-  Valery Demikhovsky, Professor, Sc.D (Physics and Mathematics);
-  Arkady Satanin, Professor, Sc.D. (Physics and Mathematics);

- Investigation of structural optical electronic and mechanical properties of solids, including nanostructured materials, using the following methods:

- X-ray structural analysis of monocrystals;
- Scanning probe atomic-power microscopy;
- Scanning probe tunnel microscopy;
- Scanning near-field optical microscopy;
- Electron (transmission, scanning) microscopy;
- Local scanning Auger microscopy;
- Optical spectroscopy;
- Raman spectroscopy;
- Electronic paramagnetic resonance.

Main research equipment:
- A set of equipment for optical spectroscopy, including measurement of photo- and electroluminescence with time resolution, optical transmission/absorption on the basis of the following instruments:
      - Acton Research spectrometer ( USA );
      - Cary-6000i and Cary-5000 spectrophotometers (Varian, Netherlands );
      - Varian FT-Raman Synergy spectrometer (Varian, USA );
      - An automated unit for measuring photo- and electroluminescence spectra (0.3-2.0 microns), as well as electrophysical parameters of structures in the range of temperatures 10-300 K. ( Janis, USA );
- Agilent B1500A analyzer of parameters of semiconductor devices for measurements of I-V and C-V characteristics;
- A universal atomic-force microscope and an optical near-field microscope (Aurora TopoMetrix, Germany);
- A unique super-high vacuum complex for studying the morphology, atomic structure and chemical composition of the surface of solids and monitoring the process of growth of epitaxial layers in the technological chamber of Multiprobe S complex (Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH, Germany);
- An automatic X-ray monocrystal diffractometer with a CCD detector (Oxford, England);
- A scanning electron microscope (Jeol JSM-6490, Japan);
- A unit for liquid-phase МОS-hydride epitaxy (AIX200RF, Germany);
- A unit for fabricating bulk nanomaterials applying mechanical pressure and pulse current (SPS – 625, Japan);
- A set of equipment for photolithography;
- EPR spectrometer (Bruker ЕМХ/060310-СМ, ( Germany ), etc.

The leading experts:
- Professor Evgeny Chuprunov, Sc.D. (Physics and Mathematics);
- Associate Professor Mikhail Marychev, Sc.D. (Physics and Mathematics);
- Professor Alexander Ezhevsky, Sc.D. (Physics and Mathematics);
- Associate Professor Dmitry Filatov, Sc.D. (Physics and Mathematics).

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