N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod

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Research into dynamics of discrete and distributed controlled mechanical systems
- Construction and analysis of mathematical models of mechanical systems with the purpose of detection of new physical effects and determining the conditions for stability and occurrence of self-oscillations, solution of problems of stabilization of mechanical systems' motion by means of control;
- Analysis of rapidly rotating bodies' stability in fields of force of various physical nature; solution of important  problems of stabilization of unstable rotating objects by means of gyroscopic and dissipative forces and problems of calculation and design of contactless suspensions;
- Research of mathematical models of complex self-oscillatory systems in machine-tool construction;
- Mathematical modelling of systems  in vacuum engineering.

(Research Institute for Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics)


Developing models, methods, experimental facilities and studying  the nonlinear processes of deformation, stability and failure of complex mechanical engineering structures subject to non-stationary dynamic effects and interacting with the surrounding media

(Research Institute for Mechanics)


Studying the dynamics of the interrelated neutron-physical, thermal, hydrodynamic and mechanical processes in nuclear power plants (NPP)

(Research Institute for Mechanics)


Numerically modeling the deformation and failure processes of structures under quasistatic thermal-stress and thermal-radiation loading for assessing   their strength and residual life

(Research Institute for Mechanics)

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